Our services

We specialize in deep learning and neural network techniques, which provide superior results compared to traditional machine learning methods and capability to synthesize various formats of complex data.

Cloud Computing

Sheldon AI specializes in cloud computing technology services to help businesses of all scales with quick and effective ways of hosting products, software and databases. Our client centered approach includes using systematic blend of resources to minimize the need for external resources depending on your specific business needs. Based on your business scale and needs we have public, private and hybrid clouds capabilities.

Advance Analytics

Our expertise in advance analytical tools strategically evaluate business needs & compile data effectively to help client understand traffic, trends & behavior to help increase conversions, boost sales & overcome business challenges. Our user interface helps you understand what the data suggests so you make information-based decisions for better results.


Machine Learning

Our use of machine learning ensures little to no chances of human error and involvement, allowing you to make better decision with the power of artificial intelligence on your side.
Sheldon AI prides itself in finding solutions for complex business problems, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.


Data migration and data streaming

Migrating a database could be a nightmare especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sheldon AI database migration team uses best practices to swiftly and securely migrate your databases with minimal downtime.
Sheldon ai champions in data streaming services for companies of all sizes helping them to process, analyze & store data in real-time. Our team has built data streams for businesses in light of their specific business needs.


Computer Vision

Sheldon AI computer vision service can power you with the algorithms you need to generate insights from images & videos to tackle modern business challenges. Our team has built custom computer vision apps to extract real time data based on visual features of specific interest & power business with digital asset management tasks.

Our Computer Vision services include:


Natural language processing

Sheldon AI uses advance machine learning models for Natural Language Processing to make better use of your unstructured data by extracting information about people, places, events and behavior to help you achieve your business goals.
Sheldon AI’s advance NLP accurately understand the complex nuances of language to extract contextual meaning from raw audio and text data.


Website Development

Sheldon AI designs & develops modern & professional websites catering all your business needs. Our skilled team of professionals use international best practices to build beautiful customized websites ensure your 24/7 online presence.
Our team will make sure that your website gets the look and feel that you want.


App Development

Our skilled team of developer’s champion in quality & standard code for IOS & Andriod apps. Just pitch in your ideas and our team will turn them in to user-friendly apps using modern technology giving you a direct marketing channel to connect to your audience. Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and requirements to seamlessly develop a custom app so you can benefit mobile technology.

Proprietary data platform

Our proprietary data platform distinguishes us from other data science firms by allowing us to complete projects with more agility and punctuality.
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